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The Quench Project Continues

Renown Charleston artist, Robert Maniscalco, has created an exhibition of paintings, expressing hope and renewal from a Vision Trip to Haiti in 2014, in collaboration with Water Missions International. The Project has expanded to include the theme of desire in it’s many forms.

For more information please email Robert or contact him by phone at 843-486-3161.

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Quench Cover first pageCharleston artist, Robert Maniscalco, best known for his distinctive commission portrait work, has created a series of paintings, called “The Quench Project” from his recent vision trip to Haiti (November 2014).  He has published a full color book, Quench and short documentary film on Amazon Prime, Out of the Darkness.The project is ongoing.

Contact Robert and ask him to present a talk and/or exhibition at your venue.

Robert explores alternatives to conventional societal ideas about beauty, tragedy and survival. TQP’s theme is the resilient nature of humans to rise “out of the darkness.”  Robert, who is a survivor of child sexual abuse, has dedicated his artistic life to helping others in their creative journey of survival. The Quench Project focuses on desire and the obscene notion that if a person can’t afford food, shelter and healthcare, then that’s just too bad for them. By putting a face on our fellow humans, who happened to be born to the “wrong” parents, Robert hopes to engender compassion and bring about true economic justice.

Robert received Kickstarter support and grants to launch The Quench Project and has used the money to mount a touring exhibition of these paintings, in a variety of venues in several states, where people can come see the work in person and be part of the conversation. If you know a venue that may want to feature the Quench Project, contact Robert.

Quench Project Exhibitions:

  • Charleston Southern University, Charleston SC 2019-20
  • Fabulon Gallery, Charleston SC 2018
  • Gage Hall Charleston Unitarian Church, Charleston, SC 2017
  • Buckham Gallery – Flint Water Crisis, Flint, MI 2017
  • Greater Flint Arts Council – Michigan Invitational, Flint, MI 2017
  • Coastal Community Foundation Gallery, Charleston, SC  2016
  • The Kairos Gallery – St Andrews Church Mt Pleasant, SC 2016
  • Threshold Theatre (84 Society, Charleston) 2014
  • The City Gallery at the North Charleston Coliseum 2015.

In the tradition of the Social Realist movement, the project’s goal is to raise awareness for societal issues in Haiti and other places. Water shortages, economic inequality and racism are part of his focus. He has created a body of over 20 paintings.  A portion of sales from the paintings, reproductions and book have been donated to the Bread of Life Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, where Robert had the good fortune of getting to know some amazing people.

Robert went on a Vision Trip to Haiti which lasted 10 days as part of the Water Missions International (“WMI”) team.  In Haiti, Robert  assisted in the WMI missionary work to process and bring fresh water to areas still devastated by the earthquake and water shortages.  Robert’s food and lodging while in Haiti were provided by WMI.  There he took over 1,800 photos, made sketches, interviewed Haitians who are finding creative ways to thrive under difficult conditions.with last supper

While in “lock down” at the WMI headquarters in Port-a-Prince he painted an 12′ x 8′ mural replica of DaVinci’s Last Supper.  From his written and photographic reference he has created an exhibition of 20 paintings for a traveling exhibition called “The Quench Project,” focusing on the impact of WMI’s living water message and world-wide relief efforts.

The exhibition is a call to action for the continued need and awareness for his sponsoring organization, WMI, a Christian-based non-profit organization, who have invented a unique water purification system, dedicated to bringing fresh water to remote areas around the world.  Visit http://www.watermissions.org/ for more info on their powerful mission.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe primary intention of the The Quench Project is to raise awareness of WMI’s mission and generate funding for their continued mission there.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of work will go to WMI in the form of another donated work for their permanent collection. “Christelle,” created in 2012 (right), is the prototype for The Quench Project, and is part of their collection.

A larger goal for the project will be to raise awareness of the world water crisis related to a growing population, a disparity of wealth and the effects of global warming.

“While in Haiti, I was able to teach basic drawing to kids and adults who had expressed interest in learning more about the process, not only as an artist but as an entrepreneur. This was in keeping with Haitian President Martelly’s desire to find “opportunities to create wealth. My purpose while there was to come away with as full a sense of the experience of the Haitian people and express/respond to that authentically on canvas and in the Quench, the Book (Discounted Copy for Contributors)written word.”

“I continue to develop and expand the idea through the paintings for The Quench Project traveling exhibition. I am looking for any opportunity to speak and exhibit the work, in Charleston and beyond, expressing the WMI living water message in the most powerful of human endeavors, through my art.”

A full color book, Quench, was published in 2016 and featuring reproductions of the paintings, photographic images, along with the story and insight related to the Quench Project paintings, along with his personal responses and impressions of the experience, inspired by the WMI vision. All Kickstarter contributors received an inscribed copy of the book.

50% of all profits from the project have been going to the Bread of Life Orphanage, which was one of the focal points of Robert’s vision trip.

For more information and short bio of Robert Maniscalco

More info about The Quench Project:

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