Courtroom Sketching


Robert has been doing courtroom sketching since his baptism of fire, when he was asked by international media outlets to cover the Dylann Roof trial. These naturally came as an extension of his work as a quick-sketch artist and as a nationally known portrait artist. With his extensive background he is able to capture the mood and expressions of the key players, sometimes in as little as a 15 minute arraignment.

Virtually any Maniscalco work published for sale, is available in a limited capacity as an original, hand embellished canvas Gicllee or Artist Proof (AP), in limited editions of Five. The images of all Robert’s artwork, including his courtroom sketches are also available for licensing. They are not public domain. Please contact the artist to obtain permission for use or to purchase a user license. You my also ask him about NFTs (non-fungable tokens).

Robert has produced sketches for CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and numerous print media all over the world, including the NYTs and the Washington Post, quickly establishing himself as one of the top courtroom sketch artists in the country.

Here’s more about my recent sketching of Dylann Roof.