The Russell Ebeid Portrait

Russel Ebeid oil portait

Russel Ebeid oil portait by Robert Maniscalco

There is nothing like that sweet moment when I unveil the portrait, into which I have poured my heart and soul. The immediate family traveled to Pontiac St Joseph Hospital to see and approve the portrait of Russell Ebeid, in advance of the public unveiling, in a couple months. The large portrait, 64″ x 45″ will soon hang in the beautifully redesigned main entrance of the hospital.

The oil portrait needs to capture the essence of the subject, not just a particular snap shot of one moment. This is always a challenge, especially when done posthumously. Mr. Ebeid passed away last year and created a legacy at St Joseph’s for which he will always be remembered, by this portrait. I worked closely with his daughter Carrie and his wife Carol Lee to get just the right pose and expression. They offered slight changes to the finished work that help make the portrait come to life. Ebeid seems to be asking a question of the viewer, a very common occurrence in the life of the CEO of Guardian Glass, the largest manufacturer of industrial glass in the world.

They wanted it to be set in the place he loved most: their cottage near Potoski, Michigan. This is his favorite view of Little Traverse Bay. The hookah pipe can be seen behind him, connecting the portrait to his Lebanese background.