Is your painting that it is not?  To NETIfy is to destroy in order to create anew, to find enlightenment from the ashes of truth. NETI is that he is not. So too, all things are in the process of destruction and creation. It is the natural order of life. 





NETI is now available to NETIfy your tired, boring old artworks, transNETIfying them into something way beyond the intentions of the original artist. Each canvas, no matter how boring or uninspiring has an artforce, which is crying out for release into the wonderful NETI universe. He will TransNETIfy your painting(s), using your suggestions for theme and subject to create a masterpiece full of mystery and intrigue. SACRILEGE, your scream from the housetops? Yes, indeed it is. That’s why it can only be done by the express permission of the artist. The only exception is if it the original is 1) not an original, 2) is mass produced in an artist sweatshop or 3) it has clearly been discarded. NETI will not paint over any painting he determines to have some intrinsic, redeeming value. Sadly, this leaves a good 90% of all art ever created.  Here’s an example where NETI took an old tired Maniscalco and NETIfied it into something really spectacular.



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