PomeranianThis Christmas was very special for a some wonderful Dog people, who received the surprise of a lifetime for Christmas.Behr was revealed to his “mommy” by her loving mother. Behr is twelve and loved by everyone who meets him. Austen and Ella, brother and sister, love him best. Now also loved by Ella’s fiance’ Devin. It was a Christmas gift from their mom, Cate. We had the privilege of zooming with them as they opened the package.  I won’t show here, the way us people sob when we see the ones we love in oil, preserved forever. Next to the thrill of painting itself, the satisfaction of creating such a moment is the greatest reward any artist can have.

Thanks Cate for suggesting the idea and for trusting me with such a moment. Now we will always have a reminder of Behr that will outlive all of us.

A handsome and sweet Pomeranian, Behr is part of the family. Ella, who is a lead designer for Ethan Allen has a more traditional taste and enjoys classic style and beauty. So my work was perfect for the occasion, conveying the loving bond, with elegance and compassion, expressing the deep feelings they have for their child. I loved the pose, the way Behr’s hands make it seem like he’s praying, reminiscent of those old Catholic First Communion photos.  I enjoyed the intricate challenge of not only the fur-ball he is but the deep expressive eyes and the feeling of light and love. The portrait conveys a timelessness.