Dove Above

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Dove Above, 24″ x 24″ oil on panel

Dove Above is a continuation of my Emanuel 9 series. The presence of the Holy Spirit has appeared in a number of recent works. The symbol of the Dove interceding in our lives is comforting and compelling, not only for me as a Christian, but also for anyone longing for connection and meaning, particularly as our world seems to be moving increasingly away from peace and into chaos. The field of Gerber Daisies is a particularly potent floral image, as it is one of my favorite flowers, because of it’s intense opulence. I enjoy the juxtaposition of nature’s abundance with this spiritual other-worldliness.

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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)

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  1. Michael V Prentiss

    Very uplifting! I get a Spiritual feeling when I see this. Looking forward to starting my collection of your work with this Giclee. I will purchase by Sept. 2020 at the latest!!

    • Robert Maniscalco

      Thanks Michael! Means so much to me when my work resonates.

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