Emanuel Nine Transfiguration – 1  5.5″ x 5.5″ x 1″Oil on wood with clear gesso


Inspired by the iconic Gil Shuler graphic illustration, depicting the Emanuel 9 as doves released from this life into the next, these small oils on wood express the spiritual majesty of their immortal souls in flight, moving ever onward, transfigured into the light.

Each is its own meditation. As we pray into their lives, we remember and celebrate these precious children of God. And in so doing, we ourselves are transformed.

These nine minis debut as part of The Quench Project and the Mire of Desire, exploring how our desires tend to control us, whether they are healthy in nature or more malevolent.

These nine paintings are inspired in response to my experience as courtroom sketch artist during the Dylann Roof trial, at which I became connected with the lives of the victims, through the eyes of their loving survivors.