Michael Slager Sentencing Hearing – Andy Savage cross examines Feiden Santana




Michael Slager Sentencing Hearing, 12″ x 16″, pastel on paper, unframed

The Michael Slager Federal Courtroom Drawings from December 4, 21017 Sentencing Hearing. Slager Sentencing – Andy Savage cross examines Feiden Santana, calling him a lier and questioning his legal status, with Michael Slager looking on, looking disheveled.

Robert’s courtroom sketching career is a fairly recent addition to the artistic diversity of his work.  He considers his courtroom sketches, particularly on the Dylann Roof case, an extension of his artistic mission: to see anew, to see deeply, to challenge complacency, to expose lies, to fight for truth and explore the meaning of justice, individually and as a society. The other side of this coin is to celebrate, explore and edify life.  This seeming dichotomy between darkness and light is fully expressed in the courtroom as truth and justice are pursued.

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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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