Power of Positive Painting – Critiquing Service – Second Artwork



Critiquing Services – Second Artwork

Only available after the First Artwork Critique

Detailed critiques available on-line (transmittal of work via email), by phone or in person. Critiquing services includes:

  • Proactive written critique on one or more of your artwork(s)
  • Concrete assessment of formal structural elements of the presented work
  • Proactive Career assessment based on the work presented
  • Assessment of how a body(s) of work might be derived from individual work(s) presented
  • Assessment of style or brand
  • Assessment of the market demographics for the work and/or body of work
  • Ideas for an artist’s statement based on the work itself
  • All critiques include one follow-up email to address specific questions about the critique

Robert has helped launch numerous successful careers. Contact him with any questions about launching yours.  Consider Robert’s coaching services, which are tailored to your unique professional and personal strengths and goals.. You don’t have to paint like Robert to benefit from his coaching. Expect lots of individual attention and nothing less than a major epiphany in your career. These sessions will emphasize career issues and will not have a lot on concrete instruction in drawing and painting, etc.

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Also, see class and workshop description for more info about classes and private instruction. (843) 486-3161.

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