Power of Positive Painting Workshop – 4 Weekly Small Group Classes


Includes Four Consecutive Classes


Power of Positive Painting© with Robert Maniscalco

Rachel Gordan

Tuesdays or Thursdays from 10-12:30 (check current class schedule)Mermaide Adventure

Robert will teach you to think like a painter. He presents a short drawing/painting lesson at the beginning of each session. Students may work in any medium and subject. Rob will provide/suggest reference material as necessary. We will set goals together but will tailor the work to the individual needs of the student. Goals can be as broad as mastering an idiom like portraiture or landscape. Or they can be as specific as learning to develop a greater variety of edges in oil painting. Honest observation will be the key. The instruction will be tailored to allow for a deepening of the individual’s unique approach and response to the project at hand. Expect lots of individual attention here. Questions: (843) 486-3161. These classes must be taken consecutively, with one excused absence allowed.

P3 Classes will be held in Robert’s studio (5440 Ansley Trail, North Charleston). We will explore value-based “light on form” painting methods to create expressive, paintings and deepen the level. Classes will consist of a short demo, followed by individual work, depending on interest. All levels encouraged to participate. The focus will be on gaining a deeper understanding of values to achieve form, character and likeness. See class and workshop description for more of what we’ll discover together. Expect lots of individual attention here. Space is limited.  Reserve your spot now. Art classes are a great gift idea. Gift Certificates available on request!

Concepts for the class will be based on Robert’s book:

Power of Positive Painting – The Full Color Book