Power of Positive Painting – Private Coaching – 4 sessions

$340.00 $290.00


SPRING forward with Private Coaching Painting and Drawing Lessons

In these private session are tailored to your specific needs. We will set goals that work for you, explore a variety of painting methods, deepen your skill set, so we can get you where you want to be. THE MORE SESSIONS, THE DEEPER THE SKILL LEVEL. We will explore on a deeper level than we can in a regular class, the P3, value-based “light on form” painting methods, to create expressive, professional level work, in the genres of portraiture, landscape, still life or imaginary realism.

Robert offers one-on-one coaching, addressing the issues that stand in the way of you realizing your creative and career goals.  There are many paths to success, which are often difficult to see.  Robert will help you find your path, putting his over 35 years of experience of trial and error to work for you.

Each program is tailored to your specific needs.    Robert has helped launch numerous successful careers.  Contact him to discuss launching yours. Robert will teach you to think like a painter, presenting a short demo, paint-along style.  Honest observation and abstraction of forms will be the key.  Concrete, practical application, rather than meaningless theory, will be the order of the day.  The instruction will be tailored to allow for a deepening of the individual’s unique approach and response to the subject at hand. Expect lots of individual attention and nothing less than a major epiphany regarding how the subtle manipulation of light on form actually works in depicting realistic subjects.

Also, see class and workshop description for more info about group situations. Expect lots of individual attention here. (843) 486-3161.  Here’s my Materials List

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