Sweet Hangover




Sweet Hangover, 18″ x 24″ oil on panel

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Sweet Hangover is the product of a lovely au plein air session at Charlestown Landing with the love of my life, Cate. She and I parallel played in nature’s splendor. The temperature was perfect and there were no bugs! The challenge was to grab the light captured in the silhouette of the branch stretching out across the Alligator filled pond. We did not encounter any alligators, but we did have an encounter with that quiet place inside us all that needs to be heard now and then. By the time I took this photo, the captured light of the leaves was gone. The colors were buoyant and lush. It is challenging painting so much greenery. I just went for it. I enjoy painting Spanish Moss because it reflects the colors around it. I’m okay with suggestion in the title of the day after a great party. That’s what it felt like, without the headache.


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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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