The Trust, 24″ x 18″, oil on panel, framed by the artist

Another addition to The Quench Project. The Trust asks the question, “can we trust the water that we drink?” This is a question we in America never thought we’d have to ask. The sweet, trusting continence of Antoinette’s expression and pose, AND that she is obviously pregnant, causes us to wonder if our water is actually fresh. Incredibly, we can no longer take for granted that the water out of our faucet will be safe. The Trust is a call to action.

My model for this work, Antoinette, was our delightful house guest from Rwanda. She graciously agreed to pose for this painting in support of the mission behind The Quench Project.

Antoinette was here to bring her twin boys safely into the world. Conditions in her country make having twins a very risky proposition. So Sarah Hipp made it part of her Christian mission to bring her here and saw to it that she receive top medical care. Thanks to the St Andrews clinic for providing excellent care.  Her beautiful twins were born in early August and are doing great.


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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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