The Ugly Goat




The Ugly Goat, 24″ x 24″ oil on panel

The Ugly Goat came as a result of a family visit to Bee City near Charleston. What a wonderful experience, to be able to interact with wild animals. I spent some time with the goats and when my wife said I should paint a goat, I immediately was drawn to this fella. His eyes are not visible beyond his golden lockets. When I showed her my work she jokingly exclaimed, “You painted the ugly one!” This lead to a wonderful conversation about the meaning of beauty and what it means to be ugly. I was drawn to this sweet creature because of his flaws and his obvious handicap. I think he has a lot of character. I’m very close now, to convincing Cate. What do you think?

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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)