School Acting Residencies

mad beethovenRobert can present dramatic readings, interactive Shakespeare monologues, story-telling and acting seminars focusing on the fundamentals of acting.  His program can be tailored for K-12 grades and can tie into your current curriculum.

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He can even come to your event as different characters, such as Picasso, Beethoven, Van Gogh, creating unforgettable interactive Arts experiences for your friends, tailored to kids or adults.  Think about including his quick sketch art at your next event. His lively, motivating and entertaining programs are certain to appeal to students and teachers at your next event. photo (3) He has a light-hearted way of reaching out to a group, tailoring his presentations to the interests and needs of the target group.  A Maniscalco presentation will be a memorable, positive experience for your participants, creating an immediate, compelling, and personal connection with each person in the room.

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