Absolutely Dug His Style

I met Rob Maniscalco first when his paintings were featured at a local gallery in West Ashley and absolutely dug his style. At the same time both realistic and surreal in a way I cannot quite beg, his paintings breathe life that isn’t exactly life. Like the impressionistic ghost of an image with colors more popping than the eye perceives, that’s his art. On top of that, he’s involved with some really cool projects and is all around a great guy. Whenever I see him, he’s been incredibly kind and funny and a bit goofy. He supports arts in Charleston 100%, so I find that very cool. He’s interested not only with sharing his work but uplifting the artistic visions/voices of others. I dig that. That being said, my favorite work is his portraits. Something he captures in the human expression speaks to me. Derek Berry
Derek Berry

A Strong Supportive Shoulder

I’ve known Rob for over a decade. I have worked with him in several capacities.

As a father of my students, he always emphasized and prioritized the needs of his kids over his own preferences. He is a strong advocate for his children, and works hard to create the most successful learning environment for them.

As a friend, Rob has always been supportive of my own live and work. I know that I can call on him for help and good advice. He’s a good listener, and has a strong supportive shoulder to lean on.

As a musician, I have worked with Rob for many years as well. He is always professional, punctual, and generous. Not only does he follow direction extremely well, he also initiates ideas. He is a very talented musician.

Most importantly, in all aspects of our relationship, Rob is a gifted improviser. The ability to adjust and modify your ideas, plans, or direction is invaluable. Rob excels at this skill, in each of his roles. I’m grateful to have opportunities to work with him. I’m even more grateful to call him my friend.

  • Director of Music
Robin Shuler

Angel Killed it!

Great job to everyone!!

Amanda Hugerman

Amanda Hugerman

Unique Experience

I loved the music and the words of Vincent Van Gogh!


Funny and oddly relatable…with a wonderful mixture of art forms.  I loved it!

Darleen McRacken

Very Unique

Very Nice! Incorporates all forms of art! Very Unique!

Kendra Woods

What Fun!

My wife and I rank your Vincent John Doe production, which we saw on Monday, among the shining lights of all events we have seen in a dozen years of Spoletto and Piccolo events!  The acting space, the live music to accompany live performances, and your ability to create credible art work in the fly were elements that once again reinforce: there is NOTHING to compare to live theater. We are left to contemplate, did Vincent get it better this time on his return to his age – did he now have some experiences to aid him in combating the suicidal demons which overtook him in his first life?  My wife and I like to believe that he did, and that he was able to live longer, create more, and even stumble on an artistic mentor/sponsor like the relationship between Degas and Gauguin. You are unique in that you have the artist’s hand and with prior experiences the playwright’s ability to pull this off.

It was a triumph of imagination and performance.  Loved the creating of art and music live. This is true theater and creative fun.

We put our names in the drawing for one of the spontaneous pictures you created while performing, so who knows, maybe we will have even more to remember that production than the program and our vivid memories.  Thanks from my wife Lezlie and I for the play and its marvelous performance.  Your physical resemblance to the artist only made the play better!  We have seen Van Gogh originals in museums including those at Amsterdam.  My wife and I also have been to St. Remy in France where he went for some recuperation and I have marvelous shots of a work he painted at the sanatorium, next to a photo I made of those same trees and mountains today.

We will now have to see your gallery to see what you can produce when you have time to paint without the clock of dialog to work within. As I said when we briefly shook hands at the Monday performance, “What fun!”

Larry Mayfield

Lead Actor was a Pro!

I actually think this work would be excellent as a novel or on film. Fabulous concept!

I Love the Play

And the actual paintings from the actor.

Frank Keitt

Brilliant Play

I connect so much to Robert, such a complex figure in such an experiential way.

Cade Callow

Very Fresh Interaction

The interaction in the play is very fresh. Really enjoy the moments of reflection while “Vincent” paints.

Wanda Kerr

The Music and Painting is Hypnotizing

Good Acting!

Lezlie Mayfield

The Music Was Beautiful!!

Script was engaging – Art and mental health really go together. Portraiture was inspiring.

Jane Farrell

Love the “Three Ring Circus”

And I mean that in the best of ways!

Pat Harris

Very Entertaining & Fun!

Actors were excellent. Pace was fantastic.

Rich Farreh

Nature of Art!

This play incorporates live music, film, and Van Gogh reproductions painted onstage. It’s an incredible story about the nature of art and its place in the world, all performed with a view of the Charleston Harbor.

Kyle Downs

Off the Chain!!

Last night was off the chain!!! You nailed it, wow, thank you! My jaw is still on the ground. Just beautiful Rob!!! Enjoying all your reviews…truly heartwarming and dreamy…bringing dreams to life! A most perfect night for Piccolo Spoletto’s Vincent John Doe play Starring Rob Maniscalco as Vincent Van Gogh at the City Gallery with Karen and Jan! It was a fantastic play!!! Cheers!?

Therese Marie

Very Much Fun!

John Paul Shank

Very Entertaining

Talented artist and actor – Good lines!

Margaret Dobson

Acting is Marvelous!

Very impressed!! Also, its fascinating to watch VJD paint in in real time.

Dana Ruff


Lynn Ruff


J&B Farley

Well Written

Fantastic, interesting subject! 🙂

MArianna Uszkay

Brings a Feeling of Sadness and Brilliance

. . . of appreciating nature!

Linda Arnett

Really Enjoyed It!

Terry Hartnett

It’s Even Cooler Than I Thought it Would be.

Very different and creative. Will spread the word.

Kevin Adcock

Creative Use of Time and Space

Music so enhancing. Acting so well executed!

Tricia Melton

Very Compelling!!

Harvey DePew

Very Creative!

multi-dimensional nature of the play reinforces love facts. Listening the musical selections in the program would be a good idea. Perhaps just a bit shorter interludes with the voice over and briefer first scene and John Doe being taken from the streets. Some of the set could be set farther back upstage. Thank you so much!

Harvy Depew

All Wonderful!

Most amazing performance I have ever seen – so creative – watching the actor paint in the performance – the music – the quotes – all wonderful!!

Wilson Gautreaux

I’ve Never Experienced Anything Like It!

I’ve never experienced anything like it! Painting and music during the play as part of the action was wonderful! Such talent is very impressive! It was a great interpretation and revival of Van Gogh and his art and philosophy! I admire his art and story as a fan. I loved the performance.

Yasemin Tekgurler


Susan Hartman

Fantastic Show!

M.O. Miller

Loved It!!

Lynne Thogs


Wonderful! Great use of the gallery space. Loved the interaction with the audience. Well Done!

Richard Hanf

Very Good Play!!

Brenda Maryson

Three for the Price of One

Enjoyed seeing three different types of works in progress at the same time. Play, music, visual art.

Reid Melton


Kudos to All!!!!

Melanie Cason

Music, Original Dialogue

A transplanted New Yorker, Thoroughly enjoyed the clever dialogue. Your daughter is lovely.Thanks for the great success. See you in Greenwich Village!

Dr. Ruth Bures


So poignant, beautifully written. Pleasantly, wonderfully surprised. Thank you robert!!

Therese Haynes

Insightful and Thought Provoking

Insightful and thought provoking.

Karen Robison


Amazing the bringing together of us all across time, culture and identity.

Harold Whack


Impressive, Deep and Satisfying journey through colorful inner terrain.

Rhonwyn Carson


Loved the cafeteria scene!

Pamela Parker

The Play was Very Interesting

Everyone was fantastic!!

Jan Kelly

What Marvelous Layering

What marvelous layering of media and thoughts. Thoroughly enjoyed the thoughts, painting and acting. Thank you all.

Genie Boyd

Enjoyed the Whole Performance

Good mix of humor and drama. great idea to have Vincent’s thoughts in voice over, with live music, while painting.

Carole Buno

Thank You!

Second time I’ve enjoyed your work as an actor on stage.

Carolyn Kennedy

Amazingly Creative

Amazingly creative! Loved the actors.


Can Anyone Resist?

Can anyone resist Will Harvey? So many questions, so curious, so ready to become whatever he chooses.

I’ll stop here but I want you to know how very much I enjoyed your work and I’ll visit your site again for more of the same. R. Sue Dodea

R. Sue Dodea

Captured in a Split Second

portrait painter of little girlsThe McDonnell girls have been captured in a split second since there is no time when they are still. The younger sister, pigtails flying, her little feet still baffled by the intricacies of walking, is nearly lost within her voluminous pink dress. She has no concern for such things, there is so much to see and do. Her older sister barely notices her, lost in her own play, her graceful arm extended as she reaches out for more, more, more of whatever this life may be. She is poised and ready, a thinker and a doer.

R. Sue Dodea

Compelling Image

Next, young Carlton Campbell perched in the fork of a tree far older than he, possibly older than all of us. His face, his body, his clothing are all spotless with the inexperience of youth while the tree has been so frequently punished by nature as to seem a battered survivor, which is what we must all hope one day to be. The contrast of his perfect white little shoe that has taken so few steps with the ragged bark is a compelling image. From his expression, Master Campbell does not need to be rescued from the tree. He plans to climb many more, and bigger, and let nothing stop him in the ascent.


R. Sue Dodea


Tonight I was visiting M.L. Leiber’s website and he includes a link to your gallery. I thought I’d just stop by and take a glimpse. Hours later, it has been a great pleasure for me to view all of your portraits. The more of them I saw the more I could see the painter inside and outside which was a lot of fun. I don’t know how often someone tells you how much they like your work and mean they really looked at it. Add me to the list. There were several portraits that just enchanted me and make me want to show them to someone else and say “Look at this, look how he posed this, look at the light, the hand, the draping of cloth, the child’s doll — ” These are the portraits I’ll come back to see.


R. Sue Dodea

Graces Our Hearth

portraits of familiesThank you for the wonderful painting that graces our hearth. Roman Madgidenko

Roman Madgidenko

Captures the Essence

Thanks to Rob Maniscalco for sharing his artistic gift with us. We really love the portrait and can’t wait for friends and family to see it. We know that it will remain in our family forever. It captures the essence of Ryan and CJ at a very special time in their lives and we are so very pleased with the detail and quality of the portrait. Rob Maniscalco is truly gifted and we are thankful that he lent his talent and professionalism to us. Jeanette Franck

Jeanette Franck

Beautiful Portrait

Kay’s beautiful portrait sure served a timely purpose! It’s presence at her funeral was really special. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to walk by it in our hallway several times a day. Loving regards, Bill Ward

Bill Ward

Artistry of Your Efforts

E Ray Scott

Rob, a formal ‘thank you’ for the fine job you did on my portrait. It was quite obvious that there were many, many other issues going on in my life at the time. I didn’t fully appreciate the artistry of your efforts…not only in painting skills, but the ability to shed pounds as well! I have received numerous compliments. You know full well that it would not have come to fruition without the perseverance of E Ray and you. Robert O’Leary

Robert O

Memorializing My Son

portrait artist posthumousPlease forgive this somewhat impersonal method of communication but I wanted to contact you quickly. I am John Diebel’s brother and I just received your magnificent portrait of my son and me in our surgical attire. I was overcome by the fact that you captured so well the relationship. He was not only my son but also my colleague, confidant and best friend. We worked closely together in our medical practice for five years. I was truly blessed to have had this kind of a relationship with my son for the time that we had. Unfortunately, life takes some unexpected turns and his life was cut tragically short. Again, thank you so much for applying your gifts and talents to memorializing my son. Sincerely, N. Donald Diebel, Sr., MD

N. Donald Diebel, Sr., MD


Every time I look at those portraits, I think of the genius you are. Peter and Elizabeth look just like they did then. The detail in Sarah’s is amazing. Beth Dixon

Beth Dixon

Thank You for the Portrait

Russell and I would like to thank you for the portrait you did of me. I know that I will never have anything like it ever again. It’s very special to us and we so appreciate all of the hard works that you put into it. God Bless, Good Health, Jen Bartolotas

Jen Bartolotas

Thrilled and Delighted

I am thrilled and delighted with the portraits of my grandchildren and so is everyone who sees them, especially the children. Thank you for a job well done. Mae Gallagher

Mae Gallagher

Captured the Essence

portrait artist granoExcerpts from the speech given at the official presentation of Professor Joseph Grano’s portrait to the Wayne State Law School in 2003: On behalf of my family I thank you all for coming to my father’s portrait unveiling. . . I want to acknowledge Robert Maniscalco for the fine work he did in painting my father’s portrait. Robert demonstrated such professionalism in this portrait. He captured the essence of dad without ever meeting him. He spent much time hearing stories, looking at pictures, and building the persona in his mind so that his portrait could radiate dad’s character. . . This portrait will enlighten students and faculty to how important teaching was to him. It will also acquaint new students with the kind of professors Wayne Law desires. . . Finally, let me offer these words. As a current prospective law student whose traveled to many schools, I have not paid close attention to the portraits in the school’s halls. However, after considering what my father’s portrait says about the professors of Wayne, I realize the men and women whose portraits are hanging on the walls of a school are as much a part of the law school as the ones in the class rooms. In the next few months, I will consider schools’ legacies by paying closer attention to the portraits in their halls.  Daniel Grano

Daniel Grano
Wayne State Law School

Easy Fluid Manner

I took an oil painting course from Robert through his studio gallery. I probably learned more in six weeks than I did throughout 6 years of college when it came to painting technique. Robert was accessible, personable, patient, enthusiastic and communicated a great deal of information in an easy, fluid manner. He has an astute eye, a quick and engaging mind, and is well-educated in many aspects of the arts including theater, music, and writing. He is a Renaissance man without pretense and willingly shares his knowledge with ease and likable informality. I recommend him highly. Anne Garavaglia

Anne Garavaglia

Freedom is the Result

Just need to let you know how much I enjoyed your introduction to me of the Reilly Method of Painting and your Power Palette approach to predetermining hues and values! Freedom is the result of this structure! As we paint and enter the flow of the visual communication between the artist and the model, having the power palette permits color selections and modification without gaps in the flow. The Creative Energy can stay higher! Thank you for keeping the Masters’ Secrets alive for a new generation of painters!  Cessily Thalacker, Artist and Teacher


Cessily Thalacker

Forthright Encouragement

Just wanted to thank you again for your artist talk last week at your gallery. Your generous lending of knowledge, expertise and forthright encouragement was a much appreciated and valuable to this learning artist. You are a very articulate communicator. Juribi Young

Juribi Young

Hard Act to Follow

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop here on Salt Cay island. You are an inspiring teacher and will be a hard act to follow. All the best for your new gallery. We miss you…Candy Herwin

Candy Herwin

Valuable Insight

On behalf of Leadership Oakland, thank you for all your help in making this year’s Art & Entertainment Session so successful. The session was very highly rated with some great input and kudos as well. Your valuable insight and experience really impacted our participants and helped them understand issues facing businesses, organizations and our community. — Dawn D. Magrett, Exectuvie Director

Dawn D. Magrett
Leadership Oakland

Given Me More Confidence

During the two-hour drive home from the Raleigh workshop, I had time to review all of the valuable information you provided. I am anxious to put these new ideas to practical use in my studio. I know now that those first strong, decisive strokes I apply to canvas are the same ones I end up blending away. You will perch on my shoulder as I paint. I’ll hear you say, “Stop apologizing!” and “Lose some of those edges!” From now on, I’ll allow most of the mosaic brushstrokes to remain and carefully choose which strokes should blur into others. You confirmed the things I kinda/sorta already knew, but didn’t quite know what to do about them. This insight has given me more confidence. Of the many workshops I’ve attended, I have to say that yours is my favorite. —  Donna Claybrook

Donna Claybrook

Worked Miracles

Just wanted to let you know that your workshop has worked miracles for me!!!! I was still having a little trouble so I decided to watch your DVD! Wow! It’s like a Kleig Light went off in my head! Everything I ever learned anywhere suddenly made sense! Value is Key! (But you do choose warm and cool over hue! I’ve noticed!) I am no longer plagued by muddy color! I’ll send you a pic as proof once it dries a little more and I can add a few glazes to the background. You told me you would help me and you did! — Karen Silvestro

Karen Silvestro

Incredible Expertise and Wisdom

Just a note to thank you for sharing your incredible expertise and wisdom these past four weeks in our portrait painting class.  As a portrait student, I’ve been refreshed and revived and inspired by your teaching.  Your witty way not only makes receiving easy and fun but you are quite entertaining too!  Thanks for yours and Cate’s sweet hospitality.  I’d endorse you any day, Artistically yours, Mary Hoffman

Mary Hoffman

Real Eye-Opener

Painting class was an eye opener today… I thought I was out of my league but with the right teacher anyone can be a beautiful creator. Thank you to my art instructor Rob Maniscalco!  Alicia Mendoza Barrineau

Alicia Mendoza Barrineau

Paint with Wine Party Was Wonderful

The Paint with Wine party was wonderful for us, thank you for opening your home to us and letting us invade your life!  Your patience, sense of humor and talent are abundant and for that, we are very grateful. We will pass along recommendations to all those we encounter, trusting in the knowledge your class kicks ass above and beyond those painting party factories!!!  See you soon, Tracy


Painting Party Fun!

We had such a blast! And Rob Maniscalco is an awesome teacher! We all want to come back for sure.  Shauna Mackenzie VanBogart

Shauna Mackenzie VanBogart

Painting Parties Rock!

I have been to other BYOB Painting Parties before, but this was the best! It was an honor and privilege to be in the presence and being instructed by a true artist like Robert Maniscalco!  Both he and his wife were so gracious and entertaining. I want to go and take private lessons with him in the future. Marian Mills

Marian Mills

Workshop in Chapin

I am impressed by your book, Point of Art, and I have read, underlined and included your words in my art journal.  So many times you condensed and verbalized my thoughts and feelings about art and the creative process.  I even found the line on page 61, in “The Easy Way vs the Right Way,” to describe your workshop in Chapin.  You gave us “the necessary information presented in a way we can understand and assimilate.”  You presented in an extremely entertaining, fun, non-intimidating, and fact-filled manner.  Your comments throughout the two day workshop were as important and informative as the more concrete methods you taught.  Jean S. Kirkley.

Jean S. Kirkley

Private Coaching is Great!

I just wanted to let you know that I have already gotten so much out of our sessions. I see much improvement in my paintings and my drawings. I see more than I did before meeting with you. I realize I need to slow down (way down) and focus on every foundational element you have taught me one step at a time. Thank you so much for your time and accommodations, it is exactly what I need! I am a huge admirer of your work, especially “Quench.” I am excited to learn from you as an artist. I enjoy exploring your studio work as well as your website. Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris

We Treasure Every One

We will tune in on The Today Show on Thursday and can not wait till the day. Wow! How exciting for you and my hope is that the world finds out about your wonderful gift. We treasure every one of our portraits and today it’s the one thing we would stand heartbroken if we had a fire. So David took out a new insurance plan to replace the one we had.

Nora Mimms
Mimms Enterprises

This Could Not Have Gone Any Better

April Moore portrait artistMichael absolutely LOVED the portrait! I am so relieved. I really was very nervous about giving it to him-I was afraid it was egotistical of me but he actually said “after years of asking you finally gave it to me!” ( I think I told you he had wanted professional photos, etc. and I never had them done). He told me today that he is “obsessed” with commissioned artwork now and says he eventually wants one of all three of us together. This could not have gone any better and I really appreciate so much everything you have done. The more I look at the portrait, the more I love it. You really did do an amazing job. THANK YOU!!!!

April Moore

Truly a Treasured Item

portrait painter of little girlsI hope this email finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to touch base with you in regards to the portrait you did for my wife and I of our two daughters back around 2003. I was excited to see it featured on your web site. Your portrait of our girls continues to be the focal point of our living room and both Jill and I enjoy it daily. Your skill and mastery went beyond capturing just their likeness by also capturing their respective personalities. The painting is truly a treasured item for us.

Mike McDonnell



I love showing the portraits off. Everyone thinks they are amazing. It’s funny most people think that Bennett’s is right on and Audrey’s is


okay. But then there are others that think the exact opposite. Everyone has an opinion. All that matters is that I LOVE THEM, you have captured my babies on canvas and I am so grateful. They are framed and look great.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

AM Smihal

Our Treasured Family Heirloom

portrait artistWe all LOVE the portrait. It will be our treasured family heirloom forever. Thank you!!!!!

Chilton Simmons

You Captured Her Personality

portrait painter of womenThe department just unveiled your portrait of our previous Chair, Jan Lage. WONDERFUL.  I worked with her for almost 5 years and I think you caught more than just her appearance; you captured her personality.  She was a super Chair for this department but a frank, kind, informal person.  You got it.  Thanks.

Dr. Jerry Squires
MUSC Department of Pathology


Baby/Parent Charcoal sketches (with Conte) 9" x 12"THEY LOVE THE PORTRAITS! Thank you so much. So much joy on their faces when they saw what a beautiful job you did!

Jason Zwiker
Charleston City Paper

Wonderfully Positive Influence

I have experienced firsthand the wonderfully positive influence of having one of your portraits of myself influencing and inspiring my own dreams and self confidence. When I feel challenged, or worse, I look at that portrait and think, “she can do it! She can get through this, overcome this, win this battle.” Thank you, Robert Maniscalco for reminding me of who I really am.  Jan Titsworth

Jan Titsworth

Quench Made Me Cry

Quench challenges the reader to experience a very unfamiliar and risky trip to Haiti to help with the water supply. The author provides us with visuals and thought provoking words in a way seldom seen. It was not an easy trip but on with immeasurable rewards. This book deserves the highest rating on any scale.


Diane Owensby

Proud to Own

I’m proud to own the original of what I consider one of Rob’s most inspired paintings.William Giovan
William Giovan

Gifted Artist

Robert Maniscalco is a very gifted artist. He has done 2 magnificent large portraits of our 3 daughters. His detail is amazing and his style is wonderful. Thank you Rob, we enjoy these portraits daily and think of you. I strongly recommend to anyone reading this, if you want a magnificent portrait to pass on through the generations of your family, Rob is the artist worth commissioning. And he is kind and fun! We are so lucky and happy we have him as a friend. Oil portraits are such a great investment and so much more magnificent then large photos. With gratitude, Anthony and Theresa Selvaggio theresa selvaggio
theresa selvaggio

Best Teacher

Rob is the best teacher of all things art that money can buy. If you want to learn to create brilliance, there is no better place to begin your journey.Greg AND Pamela Vandervelde

Pamela McAlister

A Pleasure to Work With

I recently had the opportunity to work with Robert from afar. He is in Charleston, I am in New Orleans. Over a period of several months we shared lots of photos and ideas for layout. Robert was a pleasure to work with and even more fun when Tish and I traveled to Charleston to view the finished product and make final touches. I have recommended Robert to other members of my bench.

Ray Steib

Improvement in my Painting

I am so pleased with the improvement in my painting that was visible immediately as a result of your instruction. You do the critiques so candidly and without allowing personalities to effect your comments. I will certainly recommend you and your workshops whenever possible. — Brenda Delle

Brenda Delle

Got My Money’s Worth

I absolutely got my money’s worth! Now I know I can paint a face & all the parts will be in the right place! Painting the P3 way is a lot of fun! — Caroline Goodman

Caroline Goodman

America’s Best

I regard Rob Maniscalco’s art as some of America’s best! His portraiture is some of the most animated, alive creations I have ever seen. When I look into the eyes of his people, I feel that I can read them and their “lives,” as if they were standing in front of me in the flesh! He has a rare gift, and I am privileged to have his work in my library! I must also add that I am proud to share his genuine concern for the welfare of world humanity and its destiny which is so evident in his art! Rob Litchfield
Rob Litchfield

Delivers Frank Reilly’s Teachings

The P3 is packed with knowledge! There is no better starting point for realistic painting than Frank Reilly’s teachings, and Rob Maniscalco delivers this information in easily digestible prose, along with inspirational advice and technical know-how.   —  John Ennis, Portrait Artist, author of The Reilly Papers blog

John Ennis

Organized Comprehensive Overview

This book presents an organized comprehensive overview of a broad variety of techniques and ideas which make up the systematic approach to representational painting developed by the late Frank Reilly. It serves as an excellent refresher course for those who have previously studied Reilly’s teachings in great depth, and it’s a good basic introduction for those artists who have not been so privileged. The underlying principles that informed Reilly’s teachings are clearly evident in the works of history’s greatest master painters. —  Marvin Mattelson, Award winning portrait artist and educator

Marvin Mattelson

Expertise and Wisdom

Thank you for sharing your incredible expertise and wisdom. As a portrait student, I’ve been refreshed and revived and inspired by your teaching. I’d endorse you any day! Artistically yours, — Mary Hoffman

Robert Focuses on the Craft

Put Robert’s lifetime of study to work for you because the best way to learn is to learn what a master has discovered, so they can save you at least some of the headaches. You cannot avoid them all, but Robert deeply understands the how of teaching, and what you must go through to learn. The Power of Positive Painting focuses on the craft aspect of painting. Certainly, Robert’s artistry comes through but no attempt by him is made to sway the reader stylistically. His method is intended to equip you for any representational genre, style or subject. Robert explores that place between art and craft and science with courage and sensitivity. Eric Rhoads, founder and publisher of  Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air magazines.

Eric Rhoads

You Have Learned from the Best!

Rob Maniscalco is a distinguished artist, writer, art teacher, playwright and actor. I applaud him for that. As you might expect, I am a tough critic. I think your book will be a success! The Power of Positive Painting gives many valuable insights. It’s been my pleasure and honor to be able to get this “sneak peak” of his wonderful book. Rob, your dad was a wonderful artist! I see you are as well. You have learned from the best! Jack Faragasso, Frank Reilly authority, Professor Emeritus at the Arts Student’s League

Jack Faragasso

Amazingly Thorough, Insightful

IF I was an artist, especially a painter, I would insist this book goes into the curriculum in every art school in the country. Amazingly thorough, insightful, and full of views from 30,000 all the way down to the runway. Doug Crowe

Doug Crowe

This Book is Invaluable

If you wish to paint portraits in oil, this book is invaluable. In fact, reading the clear instructions, solid color information, and step-by step exercises, I just might want to begin working in oils again. Never having had an oil painting teacher who offered more than, “not like THAT!,” with no value, hue and chroma charts, no clear practical exercises and few chances to simply play with the paint, without concern about making a failed painting, returning to oils again just might be fun! — Marilynn Bicsak Thomas

Marilynn Bicsak Thomas

A Dream Come True

I really do appreciate you and what this instruction is doing to lift up my artwork to a higher level. As an artist, this has been a dream come true, to be able to understand light and shadows. You’re a very special teacher. I thank you. — Maureen Gonzalez

Maureen Gonzalez

Wonderful Dark Mystery

The Fishfly Download - PDFThe Fishfly was a very interesting read. I believe societies like the ones in the book do exist however very rarely talked about. I was a bit surprised at the ending. I was sure I had it figured out. Absolutely worth reading.– Amazon Customer

The Fishfly is Another Masterpiece

The Fishfly Download - PDFRobert Maniscalco is already well known as a portrait artist, a fine art gallery owner, an actor, a Detroit-area television host, a spokesman for the arts and a musician.

What more can this man do?

Apparently, he can write as well. And his writing is every bit as masterful as his paintings.

Maniscalco’s first novel, The Fishfly, is another masterpiece by a renaissance man who seems to be great at whatever he endeavors to accomplish.

At first glance, one might mistake The Fishfly for a tired mystery novel, but it’s not as predicable as you might think. And once you’ve spun wildly through the chapters, catching glimpses of the past, snipets of the present and maybe a look into the future out of the corner of your eye, you arrive at the end – breathless.

Anyone who has seen any of Maniscalco’s paintings knows that he captures the soul of his subjects with subtle strokes that appear simple yet look past the mere surface to the core of the person. In The Fishfly, he has captured his characters with the same simplicity. Words aren’t wasted, yet the characters come to life with an eeire intensity. If you don’t know these characters when you first settle in with the novel, you can see, smell, taste, touch and hear them by the end.

The book races, sometimes at Warp Speed, through the universe of Don Spinelli – a portrait artist who is struggling to free himself from the demons of his past and ready to take action. He takes you along for the ride, sometimes pulling you around corners or through rooms you just might not want to be in. But that’s part of the beauty of the book. You see and hear everything Spinelli is seeing and hearing and thinking. Quirkly, random, wild thoughts splat in your face from these pages…the same kinds of thoughts that race through all our minds, making us question our sanity. Captured on the pages of The Fishfly, they not only create a more vivid picture, but also assure us that, maybe we’re not as crazy as we might have thought.

The semi-autobiographical book of the artist as a middle aged man is an adventure you’ll not soon forget. — Vicki Barnes Amazon Customer

The Fishfly is a Page Turner

Ever Been a Victim?

The Fishfly Download - PDFEver been a victim? Of course you have. Of a schoolyard bully. A teacher seeking to set an example. A lousy boss who makes subordinates pay for his or her dumb ideas. A robber. A cheat. A petty thief. We’ve all been victims. It’s life. In the United States, our inalienable rights include the pursuit of happiness, not happiness itself. That’s for us as individuals to achieve or fail. The great majority of us get over being a victim. Meaningful people are repulsed by the prospect of joining the whiny ranks of perpetual victim-hood, whose members indenture themselves to the more accomplished and powerful, real or imagined. But what if? — Brad Lindburg  Read the Full article

The Fisfhly


Eye for Seeing Right On

Your eye for seeing this child was right on. He is an extremely intelligent young man. He is a builder, wants to be an engineer.  He builds cities in his house with train sets, building blocks of all kinds.

I really do appreciate you and what this instruction is doing to lift up my artwork to a higher level. As an artist, this has been a dream come true, to be able to understand light and shadows. You’re a very special teacher. I thank you. — Marueen Gonsalez

Challenging But Rewarding

Great studio for all levels of emerging artist! Challenging yet rewarding classes. Group or private available. Robert teaches tricks of the masters in a way that gets results. The studio is on the marsh, so plain air is available. All ages and levels are welcome Oil is the medium of choice but acrylic are welcome:) Commissioned Oil portraits, pets, and fine art available. — C.A. Yelp Customer review

CA Yelp customer

Reached a Breakthrough

I’ve learned so much from Robert in the classes I’ve had with him. It’s been a great opportunity, learning from someone who reads his students well – someone who has taken the time to listen to specific concerns and then has systematically taken the time in class to address them. Through his classes I feel that I’ve reached a breakthrough and have moved into bolder, more deliberate brushstrokes, in addition to utilizing a much better, more well-prepared palette. Friends and family are commenting on how these lessons have so enormously improved my painting. Of course, I’m really looking forward to future classes. Who wouldn’t be, after experiencing such great results! — Jane S Yelp Customer review

Jane S Yelp customer

Absolute Blast

This was one of the best adventures we’ve had while on our “girls” beach trip!! Though Robert typically does classes for six, he made an exception and did a class for all eight ladies. We had an absolute blast! Initially, a couple in our group were apprehensive about “painting”… …not anymore! This event has already been requested for next summer’s Folly trip!! Everyone LOVED their finished product. This is a MUST DO adventure! We really loved that this was tailored to OUR group and that we were not just “a part” of a large class of 30 people! HIGHLY recommend!! Reba L. Yelp Customer review

A Wonderful Program

Just like art, we view certain things differently. How you see it, or how I see it, may be totally different. I will give you a perfect example of what I mean, and it has nothing to do with politics. When I was in 8th grade we spent a semester of poetry. We each had to stand up and give our interpretation of a certain poem. From my reading I got hope and beauty….yea right! Teacher said it is about death. I asked, “did the author say it was about death?” “NO, he is dead.”  I said “then we really do not know what he was trying to convey. I saw beauty, you see death.” Was he wrong, was I wrong?  I got a D-.  Next year I was published in Poetry, and became a member of the debate team.

I have seen your work and your father’s, to me not only beautiful, but interesting, it conveys one message to me that might be totally different for the next person. I loved you coming to do a presentation of your work, when I was President of the Artist Guild, you give a wonderful program, interesting, talented, and nothing run of the mill. — Debra McKinley

Debra McKinley

Amazingly Straightforward

I recently purchased your new portrait DVD from Liliedahl Fine Art. I really enjoyed your palette information and decided to try it on a painting I have just started. While I’ve been exposed to something similar, I think you have come up with an amazingly straightforward, logical and creative system of laying out a palette. I have studied with a number of national portrait artists who are excellent teachers, all of whom talk about value and laying out colors according to values, but this system amazed me. Once I took the time to lay out all the paint, I painted twice as fast, found workable color mixes I had never tried before, and came out with glowing color. I did add some favorite colors to the palette that you do not mention, but I thought this was a negligible difference, since I still laid them down according to the principles you set out in your dvd. This painting is much further along than I anticipated at this time and I am very happy with the result. So I must say thank you and express a rave review for your system — which I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, but I felt compelled to write! Please add me to your email list. Thank much – Carolyn McDade
Carolyn McDade

So Insightful

I just viewed your video “The Portrait A Value-Based Painting System”. I am so glad to own this video. I can’t say how surprised I am. It is just so insightful. I’m hoping to purchase more if they are offered – Angie Stewart

A True Gift

The DVD on the Power of Positive Painting is one of the best DVD’s I have ever seen. It taught me so much and I felt like I was actually a student in your class. I learned so very much and I don’t ever know how to thank you for all you taught me. To me it was a true gift. Someday when I get better. I hope to be able to afford to take your mentoring program. I know it would be the best thing I could ever do for myself. I could not fail with you in my corner. I just need some more time to learn more and reach the level I need to – Sylvia


A Great Decision

Growing up, I never thought I could be much of a painter. I am now interested in giving it a try, and bought this book (in person) to help me. What a great decision!! This book gives anyone, regardless of experience, great help in creating an interesting painting! From the basics of sketching, proportion, and subject, to color and lighting, plus more. Great photo examples along with text are extremely helpful! I The author shares so much with the reader…I can’t recommend this enough! Sue Jaissle Williams

Sue Jaissle Williams

This Gives Me Confidence

I’ve been painting a little here and there over the years, but have gotten good feedback from teachers. Expect that after retirement, I can devote more time. This book is just what I needed to inspire me. Rob has a way with explaining how to paint portraits, something I find the most challenging. There are many examples of how to do it at each stage that really helps to envision what you’re trying to do before you do it. This gives me confidence that I can do it too.— Believer (from Amazon)

Favorite Studio Companion

Just opened The Power of Positive Painting and can already see that it will be my favorite studio companion. What a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for the painting parent!
Thank you, Rob!  I attribute our Art adventure with the PPP a joyous, artistic journey. — Jan Titsworth.
Jan Titsworth

My Heart is Truly Full

Just a thankful “Thank you.” I have my grandson’s portrait on my table inside my foyer of my home. I love this little guy more. It will be hard for me to send it to my daughter now, lol. Thank you Robert! My heart is truly full! I shall remember you as a “knight in shining armor!” The way you paint reminds me of that era, for some reason. Your talent is truly amazing. — Maureen Gonzalez

Maureen Gonzalez

Master Artist

I feel honored to know Robert Maniscalco, the master artist featured in this very recent television interview. We met and became friends through our common interest in the federal capital trial of Dylann Roof. I was researching a book and Maniscalco had been commissioned by media for visual depictions of the defendant and courtroom scenes during that trial in which photos and video of the proceedings were forbidden. Watching this interview with Maniscalco will also enable you to view some of his most consequential works of art. Bravo, Rob.* Your approach to the creation of art is as impressive as the incredible works you produce. — David Gillespie

David Gillespie

It’s Gorgeous

wilkinsonOh MYYYYY, you’re making me fall in love all over again! That’s fantastic brutha! (tear in my eye). Luv U. It’s gorgeous!!! You’re the best! Absolutely wonderful!
Looking forward to receipt of the masterpiece and displaying for all to see. Such a fantastic happy loving portrait Robbie, very happy indeed. Thanks again for the the love you put into it 🙂 will be a joy for years/decades to come. Jason Wilkinson

Jason Wilkinson

They reinforce one another

I am very pleased with all that I am learning in private instruction and I am about half way through the book. As you warn against in your book, the more I paint, the more I find myself not looking at the photo as much as the painting. The book is a great compliment to your lessons as well as a great reference. In my opinion the book is very helpful. It explains exactly what you teach, i.e., envelope, blind and modified, couture drawing, color components, etc.  Teaching along with the book is very helpful. They reinforce one another. — Angie Pierce


Angie Pierce