Colorful characters, along with clever twists and turns of circumstance are lots of fun on stage but without ideas, it’s just another sitcom. rm

AOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs I work on my play I am struck by the challenges of balancing theme and plot. The deadliest mistake an artist can make is to start with a theme, a moral agenda.

My answer is to listen to the characters and let them have their voice. I am the theme of whatever they may say, whether or not I agree.  My world view will filter in.  We write, paint or whatever, because we have something to say.  So I find myself pulling the reigns somewhat as I work, which I think is at it should be.  This is where crafts comes into play.

My play, Vincent John Doe will receive its first public reading on the evening of Feb 17, followed by an audience talk back at Charleston’s own Threshold Theatre. Party to follow.   Be there, aware.

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