I know many conservatives will dismiss this senator as “fake news.” So I thought of a plan that will #BringAmericaTogether, finally once and for all.

Garden of Youth
“Garden of Youth” Things aren’t always what they seem.

From now on, we shall hereto refer to #TheTruth as “#fakenews” and fake news as “the truth.” This way everyone will be talking about the same things when we refer to a news items as either “fake news” or “the truth.” It will appease our #conservative friends who are so vehemently opposed to “fake news,” make them a little friendlier to us, I hope, maybe even agreeable once in a while.

What do you think? It’s a #radical idea (no longer a dirty word?) but if it works, what the hey?

Seriously, Is it too much to hope that someday we can find our way back to news being news, not fake or true, but credible or not credible? An opinion is not fake or true. It is an opinion, with which you agree or don’t. We need to expect and hold journalists accountable to either reporting or commentating on the news. The hybrid we have now is killing us.

This has been my opinion: a conclusion based on the facts as I see them.