Welp, the live podcast went very well, I have to say. It flowed easily and we covered a lot of ground about CSA. My hope is that what we talked about was helpful to others who are struggling with the recovery. You need not suffer alone. NAASCA and many other programs are there for you every step along the way to recovery. Even if you are not a survivor, please learn what you can to move the needle of prevention. You can hear my episode by clicking the “live podcast” link above.

I told my story and people really seemed to get what I was trying to say. A lot of very heartfelt, real moments and lots of love was shared. As always, I’m very interested in what my friends think about all this.

I forgot to mention my participation in the Oprah 200 men, back-to-back shows dealing frankly with male CSA. These groundbreaking shows from 2010 cast a bright light on the unique struggle of male survivors.

Thanks to the NAASCA family for making me feel so at home discussing my story and my journey. Thanks William Murray, Charles J Stecker Jr. and Jo for the beautiful opportunity to share. Thanks also to Darlene, Linda and all who tuned in and participated in the conversation.