Writing Testimonials: The Fishfly, Point of Art & Quench



Impressive, Deep and Satisfying journey through colorful inner terrain.

Rhonwyn Carson

The Play was Very Interesting

Everyone was fantastic!!

Jan Kelly

What Marvelous Layering

What marvelous layering of media and thoughts. Thoroughly enjoyed the thoughts, painting and acting. Thank you all.

Genie Boyd

Valuable Insight

On behalf of Leadership Oakland, thank you for all your help in making this year’s Art & Entertainment Session so successful. The session was very highly rated with some great input and kudos as well. Your valuable insight and experience really impacted our participants and helped them understand issues facing businesses, organizations and our community. Dawn D. Magrett, Exectuvie Director

Dawn D. Magrett
Leadership Oakland

Quench made me cry

Quench challenges the reader to experience a very unfamiliar and risky trip to Haiti to help with the water supply. The author provides us with visuals and thought provoking words in a way seldom seen. It was not an easy trip but on with immeasurable rewards. This book deserves the highest rating on any scale.


Diane Owensby

America’s Best

I regard Rob Maniscalco’s art as some of America’s best! His portraiture is some of the most animated, alive creations I have ever seen. When I look into the eyes of his people, I feel that I can read them and their “lives,” as if they were standing in front of me in the flesh! He has a rare gift, and I am privileged to have his work in my library! I must also add that I am proud to share his genuine concern for the welfare of world humanity and its destiny which is so evident in his art! Rob Litchfield
Rob Litchfield