Artistic License

What gives you the right to call yourself an artist? We’ve all heard it before.  On some level, we all have bought into the question of whether we deserve to call ourselves an artist.  Well, have I’ve got good news for you!

It’s finally here.  For those of you who have had any doubt whether you have permission to be an artist, whether you have the proper amount of talent, skill or credentials, this certificate is a must have.  The Maniscalco Gallery is now selling Artistic Licenses, certifying to anyone who wants to know, including yourself, that you are an official artist, with full rights and responsibilities.  You are hereby free to create whatever you want and call it art.  Includes the “No More Starving Artist” certification at no extra charge.

This license is backed by the full force of the United State Government and are the only official documentation you will need to practice art and enjoy a life of full self-expression.  So don’t wait, get yours today!

Suitable for framing!

Makes a great gift!

Also available in “Creative License” and “Poetic License.”  Please include customization instructions with your order.

“There can be no prohibition to limit oogling, as long as your “artistic license” is up to date, and you have it on your person.”   (United States vs Hopper, USBCN 17699)